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1. Are you interested in a trial partnership, or purchasing an existing practice in connection with private practice group through our DDSO Mentorship program?
2. What are some of your favorite things about dentistry? Both clinically and practice management perspective?
3. Are there any specific geographical areas in our region that you are more, or less, interested in settling?
4. How soon would you like to eliminate all school debt?
5. If you found the ideal opportunity when would be the range of start dates?
6. Are you interested in participating in the two-year private practice business and clinical residency program?
Below Are Verticals And Streams To Be Incorporated Into Your DDSO:
DDSO Blueprint Process
Start here. This video explains how Dr. Brady Frank's customized plan for your practice can help you reach your goals.
The 16-Funnel System
Websites with SEO are dying a slow death. Funnels are now the more sophisticated and ROI generating marketing tools. 
Dental Savings Plan
Automated patient software portal branded to your DDSO with associated DSP marketing funnel.
Wholesale Dental Lab
Get access to our network of wholesale dental labs to save thousands on lab fees. Also, build your own lab and add revenue!
DDSO Legal Structure
Worked with a qualified DDSO attorney to create your DDSO structure with all compliant agreements in place.
In-House Financing
Automated patient software portal branded to your DDSO to add revenue from financing patient's bill in-house.
Book Authorship
Build your footprint as a Key Opinion/Thought leader through the authorship of a book. 
New Dentist Recruiting
Form relationships with new DDSO Alliance member dentists with this lead-generation portal for members.
Online Mentorship
Online resource portal that utilizes BFC funnels to get members to join your mentorship funnel.
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